Warrington & Vale Royal College

FE Learner Support Fund Application 2022-2023

Household Income Threshold is £32,000, this figure increases if there are four or more children in the household, please consult with staff

Bursary offers financial support to students who are in further education and are encountering financial barriers to learning. Funding is limited and allocated on a first come first served basis; college ask that students consider any financial commitments they make prior to entitlements being awarded from the bursary. Bursary is not available to cover general living costs.

Please be aware that not all courses are eligible for bursary. Applications are strictly confidential

  • Complete all of the sections numbered from 1-14 that are relevant to you and/or your family
  • Include your bank details, if you do not have a bank account, we will process your form but please open an account as soon as possible and bring the details into college. Payments can only be made to a bank account in your name.
  • You will need to provide income evidence as requested in the Evidence we need to see section at the bottom of this form. We cannot take your application without income evidence.

Please call 01925 494501 or email bursary@wvr.ac.uk if you need help completing this form

Section 1: About You

Section 2: About Your Course

Section 3: Nationality & Residency

Section 4: Household Members

Who do you live with (tick all that apply)?

Section 5: Bursaries for Vulnerable Groups (only if age 16-18 on 31st Aug 2022)

Full time students in certain situations may be eligible for a Vulnerable Bursary. Please be aware that meeting the criteria for a 'bursary for vulnerable groups' does not automatically mean funding will be given - There is the possibility of no award or a limited award - You must provide evidence of your circumstances (tick all that apply)

Section 6: Carers

We try to provide additional support to students who provide support to someone else.

Section 7: Income Assessment (on total gross household income)

Students aged 16, 17, 18 or 19: Do you, or anyone else in your household receive any of these Credits?

Please provide evidence of the current Tax Credit Award Notice or Universal Credit Statement

If you DO NOT receive any of the above you must provide evidence of the total household income for all adult(s) you live with. For example: Two Months' pay slips / P60 for each adult for the previous tax year

Students aged 19 or over: You must provide evidence of your income and your partner's income if you live with one. If you do not have your own income and you do not live with a partner, but live with your parent(s) please confirm your details below.

Savings: If you (or your family) meet the income threshold but have savings of £16,000 or more, it is unlikely you will be able to demonstrate you are facing financial barriers to participate, and would therefore not normally be eligible for bursary. This is in line with benefit assessments, where claimants are not eligible to receive most income related benefits if they have savings of more than £16,000.

Section 8: Childcare (Students aged 20 and over)

  • Students aged under 20 should apply to 'Care to Learn' for childcare https://www.gov.uk/care-to-learn
  • You must include a copy of either your Tax Credits Award Notice or Universal Credit Statement to be assessed for childcare funding.
  • Copies of birth certificates for each child must be provided.
  • You will need to complete a Childcare Provider Details Form (available from the Bursary Team) for each childcare provider you use.

Please give details of dependent children who live with you:

Child's Name Date of Birth Relationship to you Childcare required

Section 9: Further Education Free Meals

  • Further Education Free Meals are available if you meet certain criteria* and are aged 16, 17, 18, or 19 and continuing on a Level 3 study programme you started before you turned 19 (aka 19+ continuers), or are aged 19-25 and have an EHCP in place.
  • Receiving income-based benefits or being dependent on someone who does, is not sufficient to be awarded Free College Meals (FCM) where students do not meet the usual FCM criteria.
  • Household receives Income Support, Income Based JSA, Income Related ESA, support under part VI of the Immigration & Asylum Act 1999, Guaranteed element of State Pension Credit, Child Tax Credit (provided you are not entitled to Working Tax Credit and have an annual income of less than £16,190), or Universal Credit where net earnings do not exceed £7,400 per annum.

Section 10: Travel Information

We may be able to provide assistance with travel costs if you live over 1 mile away from the campus where you will be studying. If you are using a car or motorbike to travel to college we will consider reimbursing petrol cost. Reimbursement of petrol is paid half-termly in arrears and on attendance of a weekly minimum of 90%. If you live within 1 mile of a college bus stop we are not permitted to purchase a bus pass for you, and you will be required to use the college bus service. You will need to register to use one of the college services.

If you are travelling by car or motorbike you will need to provide a copy of an insurance certificate, which states your name. The dates on the certificate(s) should include the start and end date of your course; this may mean you need to provide us with more than one certificate if the expiry date of the certificate is part way through your course.

Section 11: Payment Details

Payments are made by BACS transfer and must be made into a bank account in your name, or an appointee, (if an appointee in used, evidence MUST be provided e.g. court documentation).

If you do not have a bank account, please open one as soon as possible. We cannot make payments to you otherwise.

Section 12: Essential Kit / Uniform / Other Course Related Costs

Does your course require any of the following?

Section 13: Additional Information

Section 14: Declaration

By completing this form, you are agreeing with the details below

  • I certify that the information and financial details provided are correct and complete, and show my / our income from all sources.
  • I understand that funding is not guaranteed and with the exception of Vulnerable Bursaries, is limited.
  • I understand that any assistance I receive from the bursary, e.g. travel pass, kit & equipment, monies for educational visits, will have to be returned or monies repaid if I leave the course or do not attend the educational visit. Also, if I receive support for an educational visit and subsequently do not attend I understand these monies will be deducted from any contribution payments made to me.
  • I agree to notify the college of any change in circumstances which may affect my eligibility for funding as soon as this occurs; failure to do this may mean that the college request repayment of my award.
  • I understand that the college may claim back all or part of the award made to me if I have given misleading or inaccurate information intentionally. I recognise that false statements can leave me open to prosecution.
  • I understand that financial assistance is dependent upon academic achievement, behaviour and attendance, which will be monitored. Should this be unsatisfactory, or I withdraw from my course early, support will be withdrawn and I may be asked to pay back some or all of my reward.
  • I understand that any funding I am allocated is for my current course, and that funding is for the current academic year and is not guaranteed for future years.
  • In determining arrangements for payment of the Learner Support Fund, the college is subject to equalities legislation which means the college must not discriminate against students on the basis of their protected characteristics. The college is also subject to the public sector equality duty in section 129(1) of the Equality Act 2010. Arrangements must not discriminate against students on the basis of any protected characteristics as set out in equalities legislation.
  • All payments made to assist with course related costs are determined by the college and are subject to budget constraints and the number of applications received to the fund.
  • I accept it is my responsibility to tell the Department for Work & Pensions about any support I receive, as Learner Support payments may affect my eligibility to state benefits.
  • Your information may be shared with third parties for education, training, employment and well-being related purposes. This will only take place where the law allows it and the sharing is in compliance with Data Protection legislation.
  • I understand that if I am found to be passing bursary funding to a third party it will be deemed I have demonstrated insufficient financial need, and funding will be withdrawn. This includes giving away or selling Free College Meals, or allowing someone to use a bus pass provided by the college. If a bus pass is confiscated by the bus company, then any charges levied by them to return the pass are my responsibility.

Section 14: Evidence we need to see

The FE Bursary Funds are provided to us by the government, so we require evidence that you meet all requirements before we can make an award. All evidence provided will be treated in the strictest confidence. The evidence we can accept is as follows:

Nationality and Residency Evidence - Section 3:

  • If you are a British citizen, we do not need to see any more information.
  • If you are an EU or EEA national, we need a copy of your passport (the page with your picture on), do not send in your original documents.
  • If you are not a UK, EU, EEA national, we need a copy of your Home Office documentation granting you leave to enter or remain in the UK, do not send in your original documents.

Vulnerable Bursary Evidence - Section 5 (ONE of the following):

  • Letter or email from the local authority confirming your status as a looked after child
  • Photocopy of Income Support letter (all pages) no more than 3 months Old
  • Photocopy of your Employment & Support Allowance and Disability Living Allowance letters (all pages)
  • Photocopy of your Employment & Support Allowance and Personal Independence Payments letters (all pages)
  • Photocopy of your Universal Credit statement (all pages), no more than 3 months old.

Financial Evidence - Section 7 - Relates to the Total Household Income (ONE of the following):

  • Tax Credit award notice (all pages) covering April 2022 - April 2023 tax year
  • Universal Credit statements for the previous 3 months.

If you cannot provide one of these, you must provide evidence of income for all of the people you live with:

  • Photocopies of last five (weekly) or last two (monthly) payslips
  • A letter from current employer as proof of wages
  • P60 issued by current employer dated April 2022
  • Details of accounts for self-employed or other earned taxable income
  • Bank statements may also be required to show that savings are below £16,000

Dependent Children Evidence - Section 8 (ONE of the following):

  • Tax Credit award notice covering April 2022 - April 2023 tax year (all pages).
  • Universal Credit letter (all pages) dated within the last 3 months showing your dependent child(ren)

Further Education Free Meals - Section 9 (ONE of the following):

  • Tax Credit award notice for the 2022-23 tax year (all pages).
  • Universal Credit letter (all pages) dated within the last 3 months.
  • Evidence for a Vulnerable Bursary.

Please provide the relevant evidence as your application cannot be processed without it. If you are unable to provide any of these, please contact the Bursary Team for information about the other evidence we may be able to accept.

Attach Pictures of required Evidence here (max 5MB each)
Please bring any additional evidence to Learner Services at College